Multi Room Audio Video

Send multiple audio or video sources to any speaker or screen throughout your property even in 4K Ultra HD quality

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Multi Room Home Audio Video

Home media systems today include ultra-high definition televisions, architectural loudspeakers and streamlined AV components to give you the best possible sound and video. We can bring together the highest quality audio/video equipment to suit your entertainment needs.  As part of simplifying your digital lifestyle, media servers stream music, movies and TV shows anywhere in your home from the internet. From single room, whole-home, or outdoor, Smart Home Services home media solutions can be controlled from a remote, touch screen or entirely from your smartphone or tablet. 

Hidden Audio Video

Stay true to the aesthetic vision of your space by blending your home technology with the architecture and décor. Home entertainment can be seen and heard only when you want it to with hidden speakers, concealed video displays, and mirror TVs, and flush-mount controls. Let your artwork be the focal point in your living room and all those electronic boxes and wires can be out of sight or in a separate equipment room.


We navigate through the mass of options available for TVs, video displays, projectors and screens to find the best solution to create your ultimate viewing needs in any room of your home, even outdoors. Enjoy watching your favourite movie, sports, or TV show and not feel overwhelmed about knowing the latest buzz words like Ultra HD, 4K, LED, Smart, 3D, etc. We’ll make it easy for you to understand what content is available for any budget from Freesat, Freeview, sky etc. We then help you choose the best equipment for the application whether it’s family time, high performance home cinema, entertaining or playing games.   

Multiple source, multiple zone

These systems are the most advanced and flexible. Different zones can select (and often control) different audio sources independently of other rooms. In contrast to the systems described above, this kind requires multiple amplifiers (at least one per source, but usually one per zone). This kind of system could be assembled from separate components (e.g. a splitter-router-matrix mixer, a processor, amplifiers and control panels), though knowledge of professional audio equipment and automation systems would be required. More commonly, commercial systems are employed to accomplish these tasks. Some systems distribute digital audio over Cat5 cable to amplifiers installed in each zone. Others have all equipment centralised and distribute speaker-level audio from the “headend” equipment location.

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