Smart Home Installers Kirkcaldy

Smart Home Installers Kirkcaldy allows you to control your whole property with intelligent technology. Connect your security, lighting, blinds, heating, air conditioning, music and TV—and automate and control them from intuitive touch panels.

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Smart Home Installers Kirkcaldy

Smart Home Installers Kirkcaldy wants to assist you in making your home a ‘smart home’ by implementing automated and integrated solutions that can result in significant cost savings. CCTV and home security systems, intelligent climate control, and motorised window blinds are all available and can be personalised to meet your needs.

Smart Home Installers Kirkcaldy Security Systems

Your safety is our top concern at Smart Home Installers Kirkcaldy. Our in-house security system installation staff has more than 30 years of experience installing camera systems, security alarms, fire detection systems, and lock control systems, among other things. We will provide you with a suitable system that matches your demands, whether you are frequently out of town or simply worried about general safety concerns such as thieves or fire threats. Indoor control with a 1080p camera, night vision, two-way communication, and intelligent clips are examples of our indoor smart security services. Also available are outdoor security systems with a high-definition, weatherproof camera, which you can view live from your phone at any time. We also have smart locks so you can control your door without a key, but instead use an access code. This allows you to never have to worry about leaving a key in a ‘safe space’ ever again. Contact us today at 0800 470 0648 or click here if you have any safety concerns or simply want peace of mind.

Smart Home Installers Kirkcaldy Climate Control

Smart Home Installers Kirkcaldy can introduce you to intelligent climate control allowing you to have full control of your heating and air conditioning from your mobile, or another smart device. Smart home climate control can also learn your movements so that it knows when you will arrive home and set the temperature appropriately, it can also react to the general temperature or forecasts, and set the room temperature accordingly. Heating your home is expensive, and energy costs are continuously rising. Smart climate control solutions help save energy with their programmed settings. Smart home services also help stop ‘rollercoaster’ temperatures and allow different areas to be controlled from one central point. Whilst it may sound confusing, our engineers will get you set up, and from there the customer control is simple to access to allow you to meet your temperature needs on a touchpad remote, tablet or smartphone. Whether to save money, take control of your energy or make your life a bit easier, get in touch today on 08004700648 . 

Smart Home Installers Kirkcaldy Motorised Window Blinds

Motorised window blinds allow you to control the amount of natural light in your home, save energy and money, and protect your interior products. With the press of a button or swipe on your smartphone, you can manage your blinds. You won’t have to deal with tangled cords or stand up to control your blinds anymore, it is all at your fingertips. Don’t worry about not finding blinds that match your interior, there are plenty of colour and fabric options thanks to a number of designers creating your perfect window shading. Motorised blinds can also be controlled using home assistant voice-controlled devices, simply address your voice assistant and say your command such as “lower bedroom blinds” and the blinds will be lowered. Having easier access to your blinds will allow you to let in more natural light, leading to saving on your energy. Take easier control of your blinds today, and get in touch on 0800 470 0648 or click here. 

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