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Control your whole property with intelligent technology. Connect your security, lighting, blinds, heating, air conditioning, music and TV—and automate and control them from intuitive touch panels.

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Smart Home Installers London

Smart Home Services London is key to bringing smart technology to any home. Having an automated smart home has several benefits in itself, not least the money-saving element due to smart technologies’ energy minimising capabilities. These smart devices limit you to using energy as and when you need it so you never waste energy around the house. As well as smart homes, we offer a state-of-the-art media room to let you bring the cinema experience into your house. We can also give you peace of mind with our high-tech security set up which allows you to have eyes on your home from anywhere using your phone, tablet or computer. To find out more about these services, or any of our other services click here or call 0800 470 0648.

Smart Home Automation

One of the most popular services available is a smart heating system with temperature management, which enables you to maintain the desired temperature in your home from anywhere inside or outside using a mobile device. It could also be put on a timer to be turned off while you are away or to be heated for you to wake up to on a cold morning. As no heat is lost when it is not needed, using this temperature control will help save energy and money. Smart lighting, which enables light management through an app or other smart device and is more practical than the conventional light switch, is another way to save money and energy. If you are interested in these solutions, or any of our other smart home solutions call 0800 470 0648 today.

Smart Home Installers London Home Cinema

Introducing Smart Home Installers London Home Cinema setups to those of you with a spare room unsure how to utilise it. Do you ever wish you could have full control over a cinema? Imagine being able to connect your own devices or play your own movie through the wide screen projector whilst relaxing on the comfy chairs. Well, now you can! We can bring you a cinema-style setup directly into your home. The setup will be specifically designed and measured to suit your home. We will ensure the rooms receive special treatment to keep any outside noise out of the room. The environment will be engineered to ensure that the sound is of the highest available quality using the specifications of the chosen room to choose speaker placement to get the maximum enjoyment. The screen and automated lighting will work together to ensure the best picture delivery possible from a high-definition, calibrated projector.  You may also appreciate the convenience of controlling your entertainment system with a single remote. We can offer the appropriate control system, enabling straightforward control of all your entertainment devices, whether you want to watch TV, access your movies, stream video, start up a game, or listen to your music collection.

Smart Home Installers London Home Security

Your safety is our first concern at Smart Home Installers London. The team that installs your security systems has more than 30 years of expertise implementing interlocking control systems, video systems, security alarms, and other types of security systems. We offer a solution that will work for you whether you travel regularly and need eyes on home or are just concerned about common security risks like burglars and fires. Additionally, we can provide smart locks, which let you open your door with an access code rather than a key. Never again will you have to worry about leaving a key in a “secure area.” This is a basic overview of the services we provide; your security solution will be crafted utilising a variety of solutions which will meet your needs. Contact 0800 470 0648 or click here if you’re worried about security or just want to feel at ease.

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